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We are working towards building the first assistive digital library for kids focused in Diversity and Inclusion. From books that are created by diverse artists and curated by educational experts, to book donations and community events. We strive to enrich the children’s and youth literature industry, whilst driving social impact. Join us in the journey to shape a brighter and more inclusive future.

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We are starting our journey to improve children’s future. Your donation can make a world of difference - it will support the creation of books, community events, and book donations. Join us in our mission to promote literacy and provide access to stories for all. Help us empower young minds!

What comes next

ZULA 10 in 1 Project (26.May.2024)

ZULA 10 in 1, our first event to showcase the work from our Creative Tribe - our team behind the creation and curation of original kid’s stories. This will be an open event to present the artistry behind ZULA, whilst doing a large book donation to the community .

ZULA App launch

ZULA’s Mission is to champion diversity and inclusion in children's literature by creating an expansive online library that offers both open-source and premium subscription options, ensuring that children from all walks of life have access to inclusive and empathetic content.

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